Women In Horror Month: Check Out My New Guest Post on HorrorTree

February is Women in Horror Month, with numerous websites and publications celebrating women’s contributions to the genre in all forms of media from print to film. This month, I got to take part in the festivities with a new guest post published on The Horror Tree. The site does a lot for writers in the horror and speculative fiction community and have been featuring guest posts from (who else but) women creators of all things creepy.

My article, “Finding Humor in What Scares You,” is a personal essay on why I’ve always gravitated toward comedy in horror. It also details the inspiration behind one of my stories, including how The Golden Girls helped inspire one of my monster protagonists. (Yes. Really.) In this article, I tapped into a raw nerve — which is something that both horror and comedy tend to do — in order to convey just why those two genres have such a natural intersection. “You need light in order to cast a shadow.”

I hope you swing on over to The Horror Tree to read my post. While you’re there, please check out some of the other great articles and flash fiction stories on the site, too! If you’re a writer yourself, you’ll also find The Horror Tree is home to a ton of great resources and calls for stories. Hopefully, you’ll find something of interest and maybe this time next year, I’ll be reading one of your articles or stories there or elsewhere celebrating Women in Horror Month 2022.

Thanks for reading!

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