SEPTA Tales: The Unsung Hero of the 66

Yesterday’s commute home was packed butts to nuts — par for the course for a Friday rush hour. Invariably, no matter how crowded the bus may be, there is always that one asshole who insists on taking up two seats — either by sitting on the outside seat instead of moving in toward the window, or worse yet, putting their bags on one side of the two-seater and preventing someone else from being able to sit down.

Then there are others who get innovative with their assholery. They may not have bags to place on the seat, but they’ll find a way to stake their claim on an entire swath of seating that could fit two people.  On yesterday’s commute, one such chick it upon herself to situate herself smack dab in the middle of TWO seats on a crowded bus.

Not All Heroes Wear Capes

So, there we all were. Crammed onto the 66 like veal in a pen. One dude, who looked like he’d had a pretty rough day, mustered up the gumption to politely ask this woman if she could move so he could sit. She ignored him and continued to stare straight ahead.

He asked her a second time, just as polite as the first if she could scooch over.

Again. She ignored him.

Finally, the dude said, loud enough for the whole bus to hear, “FINE! NO ONE WANTS TO SIT NEXT TO YOUR UGLY ASS ANYWAY.”

I couldn’t see her face, but I hope she felt good and embarrassed.

That said, if I had a seat, I would have given it up to this dude.

Sometimes, you just gotta call bullshit when you see it. Especially when it’s on a crowded bus.

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